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Protecting your startup from financial administrative pitfalls…

Whether you are a startup or have been operational for years, you might experience problems with financial administration. You may not know how to start planning for your financial needs, or you may just be too busy with the operational side of the business to find time for the numbers. The problem is that without the numbers, you really don’t get to see how your business is really performing.

At dodkom we’re here to help you thanks to a range of services that cover everything related to financial administrative services, no matter whether you’re firmly established or just starting out.
As a dedicated team of financial freelancers working with bookkeepers, accountants and consultants, we take care of the numbers like no one else. Our process even covers everything from preparing your financial plan to handing over and training new staff.

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Step 1: Prepare your financial plan from day one

Have you taken the time to properly establish your business goals and objectives? Do you know what your short or long-term plans are for your startup? Each business goal, whether that’s profit maximation, business growth or expansion will require financial planning and with each goal, there will be steps to get there. This includes financing, budgeting, allocating roles, customer research, and much more. Take some time to find out how dodkom can help you preparing your financial plan to get you towards your goal. For more information click here.

Step 2: Set up your financial administration with ease


Step 3: Help you with the fine details of financial reports


Step 4: Handover and train your staff in the way you work